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With her delicious recipes, passion for food and kick-ass attitude, Gizzi Erskine is a firm H&F fave. Here are some of the TV chef’s healthy food tips: 

“I grew up surrounded by good food as my mum was such a brilliant cook. Since my childhood, I’ve always experimented with food and tried different flavours, however I’ve stuck by the ethos of cooking from scratch and using fresh ingredients. Here’s my top tips for getting the best possible taste from your food…”

MAKE SURE IT’S FRESH – “When you use fresh ingredients you get the opportunity to explore new and exciting flavours. I always use fresh stock made with filtered water and you’d be surprised how different it tastes compared to using a stock cube! With fresh ingredients you also know exactly what’s going into your food and what you’re getting out of it, so it’s healthier.”

KNOW THE PROVENANCE – “Understanding where ingredients have come from is something I’m passionate about. There’s a lot of confusing info out there so I prefer to buy from local markets as you’re also supporting small businesses as well.”

PREPARE YOUR INGREDIENTS – “We often buy fresh, organic ingredients and forget that how we prepare them is just as important as where we got them from. Washing your fruit and vegetables in filtered water ensures that you get the best possible taste from what you’re about to create as there are reduced levels of chlorine and heavy metals in the water. I use my BRITA tap to prepare my meals.”

Gizzi Erskine is an ambassador for Better with BRITA. For more healthy tips and recipes visit

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