Booty blast

Struggling to lose those last few inches? Cheat! This routine slims your thighs and adds definition to your figure. Women are pre-disposed to lay down fat on their...

Tricep exercises

Short sleeve season is on us, so it's time to have serious words with our upper arms. Grab those dumbells and wave goodbye to bingo wings. Just...

Kettlebell exercises

2016 might've been the year of the kettlebell craze, but the versatile piece of equipment continues to enjoy its time in the limelight thanks to its amazing...

How to get rid of love handles

Summer's approaching and it's around this time of year that everyone gets super body conscious. It's okay - you're not alone. Love handles and stubborn fat are...

Running tips for women

Going for a run is probably one of the most popular ways to get your workout on, whether it's hitting the roads or jumping on a treadmill...

Cankles be gone

Embarrassed by your ankles? With the heat turning up you've probably had to dig out your summer shorts and sandals, and for many people with wide ankles, this can be...



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