Jennifer Lopez Diet

It seems Jennifer Lopez has it all, including an A-List body. Envious curves, slim, yet strong - JLo is in great shape. What's the secret behind how...

Pear shaped body

What is a pear body shape? The curvaceous pear usually has a small upper body with lean arms and a narrow waist. All the body fat is distributed...

Gizzi Erskine healthy food tips

With her delicious recipes, passion for food and kick-ass attitude, Gizzi Erskine is a firm H&F fave. Here are some of the TV chef's healthy food tips:  "I...

Diet Diary: Nutritionist Dale Pinnock

My food philosophy 'My diet is built around non-starchy vegetables, protein and good fats. I mostly avoid refined carbohydrates and grains too. The only carbs I have really have are...

Sophie Raworth’s diet

You recently captained a team for The Celebrity Boat Race in aid of Cancer Research UK. Did you follow a training diet? ‘The only time I really...



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Jennifer Lopez Diet

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